Links to Cool Things

Below are links to all sorts of quilt related sites.
Enjoy the journey!

Links to the websites of some of our favorite quilt shops:
Brick and Mortar
as well as On-line.

AccuQuilt – On-line store for the Accuquilt. Includes cutters, patterns and lots more.
Jinny Beyer – Although Jinny has closed her brick and mortar store, her website has lots to offer, including fabric and patterns for purchase, a blog, and a free for you section with patterns, tips and lessons, and a
block library. (Karen A.)
Jordan Fabrics
– Similar to Missouri Star, they offer precut fabrics and kits for sale, but also have free patterns and video tutorials. (Valerie R.)
Missouri Star Quilt Company
– Lots of patterns using precuts (jelly rolls, layer cakes, charm packs or honey buns) which they also sell. Also, weekly YouTube quilting tutorials. (Barbara G and others)
Primitive Gatherings Designs – An online shop with patterns for wool as well as fabric. See Blogs tab for related Blogs. (Shirley C.)
Temecula Quilt Shop – This shop features reproduction fabrics, and patterns inspired by vintage and antique quilts.  There is also a link to a blog, which posts several times a week and has quilt-along and mini-quilt ideas. (Charli T.)

Links to websites, podcasts, and YouTube videos for browsing quilts and learning about quilt collectors, innovators as well as the history of quilting.

Howard County Arts Council – Howard County Arts Council serves and enriches our community by fostering the arts, artists, and arts
organizations. They sponsor a wide variety of arts initiatives that nurture and strengthen the arts.
Ken Burns’ Quilt Collection
– Ken Burn’s collects quilts!  Who knew? One of America’s greatest filmmakers finds quilts the quintessential reflection of America.  Ken lent his quilts, seen for the first time outside his home, to the International Quilt Study Center and Museum.
Missouri Star on CBS
– If you haven’t done so already you may want to check one of our favorite on-line quilt stores which was featured on CBS Sunday Morning.
Vision Art Museum – This San Diego museum site features contemporary quilts and fiber arts, and is currently offering online exhibitions of member quilts, as well as free art project ideas for all ages. (Marguerite W.)
Timna Tarr – Visit the gallery and learn about Timna Tarr.
Blackrock Center for the Arts – See the work of 50 artist members of Studio Art Quilt Associates(SAQA). Each participating fiber artist was invited to use their imagination to escape reality, explore thoughts and feelings, and express themselves by creating a new quilt. (Barbara D.)

Links to the websites of some of our favorite sewing patterns and how-to tutorials.

How to Make a Face Mask – Instructions and videos on how to make all types of face masks.
25 Week Quilt Along Tutorial – Want to improve your machine quilting skills, maybe add some new motifs to your repertoire?  If so, then this website is for you. It has tips, tools, videos and even a free 25 week Quilt-Along tutorial. (Becky G.)
Thread Sketching in Action – Thread painting guru Deborah Wirsu offers design ideas, resources, classes and a blog. She also has some video demonstrations on her YouTube channel, titled Deborah Wirsu, Textile Artist. (Barbara W)
Made by Marney -Offering patterns for quilters, paper piecers and sewists. Includes some free patterns, videos and tutorials, as well as a link to her Etsy shop.  (Valerie R)
Shelburne Museum – Visit the Shelburne museum on-line to learn about Joe Cunningham and watch his tutorial on creating unique bias tape. (Andrienne F.)

Links to blogs and bloggers…all about quilting.

Teresa Down Under: Sewn Up– A blog by an Australian quilter, with links to patterns (some free) and video tutorials. (Barbara W.)
Primitive Gatherings Blog – Primitive Gatherings blogs…see Shop tab for link to the store (Shirley C.)
Lisa Bongean Blog – Blog by Lisa Bongean, the co-owner of Primitive Gatherings brick and mortar store and a designer for Moda Fabrics (Shirley C.)

Links to the websites of some of our favorite tips on how to do things all-quilting!

Color Wheel – The ultimate color combinations cheat sheet.
100 Color Combinations – One hundred color combinations and how to apply them to your design.
Design Seeds – A website featuring a color blog and colorful photos which can serve as inspiration for quilt color schemes. (Marilyn O)
Virtual Classes- Overview This link to a YouTube video which gives a good selection of virtual classes that might be of interest to you.  Watch “Global Quilt Connection Open Enrollment Virtual Events and Workshops” to learn more.

Links to the websites of some of our favorite quilt organizations and charities.

Quilts of Valor 
– The mission of the Quilts of Valor Foundation is to cover service members and veterans touched by war with comforting and healing Quilt of Valor. Learn more here.

Links to the websites of quilting games.

Jigsaw Planet You can solve free jigsaw puzzles online, customizing them for difficulty (# of pieces) and by theme (quilts, for example) (Marilyn O)