2020 Challenge Quilts

The 2020 Milltown Challenge, “What’s on your page?“, began in fall of 2019, and was originally going to be displayed at Milltown Quilters’ Spring Luncheon in June of 2020. With the arrival of COVID-19, those plans had to change. A decision was made to display our projects here on our website.

The Challenge provided a chance for members to use their creativity and preferences to interpret a magazine page to inspire their quilt design. Each quilt was to measure 16 x 20 inches. The quilts could be pieced, appliquéd or both.

Members were asked to find an Inspiration page, using the last two digits of their phone number, in a magazine of their choosing. Of course, quilting magazines were exempt. They were challenged to create a 16×20 piece, illustrating an idea inspired by their page. They could use colors, design elements, words or images from the page to showcase their ideas. Any variety of quilting approaches were encouraged: traditional or modern, pictorial or abstract.