I Spy Quilts

April of 2022, marked the beginning of “I Spy” Quilt mania for Milltown Quilters. These quilts are designed as a kind of game, with the different fabrics providing an opportunity for people to “spy” out various elements, such as “blue,” “polka dots,” “bird,” or whatever else the fabric reveals. While these quilts have traditionally been made for children, they can also be used to help older adults who are suffering from cognitive loss maintain their brain function. 

The In-House Education Committee organized a swap of 5″ X 5″ novelty blocks, prepared a short presentation of design ideas and setting options for the novelty blocks, and scheduled a sew-in day.  Members eagerly searched their stash and generously donated more than enough novelty blocks for the exchange.  These blocks were then creatively crafted into a variety of small quilts, many of which will be donated to Project Linus in the coming year.  This project has resulted in many beautifully created “I Spy” Quilts that will make both children and adults happy.