2021 Challenge Quilts

Milltown  Quilters 2021 Challenge: “Initial Inspirations”

For the 2021 Challenge, Special Events teamed up with the Friendship Quilts Committee. As quilters, we love making quilts, for ourselves and others. A couple of members mentioned they would prefer to donate their quilts rather than keep them. This year you have a choice. Please consider your options, #1: donate your challenge quilt to the Friendship Committee or # 2: keep your creation

Rules of engagement 

BLOCK 1: Using quilting books or internet search, find a block design that begins with the first letter of your NAME. For example, Colleen might consider, a churn dash, card trick or crow’s foot. This will be BLOCK 1.  

BLOCK 2:  BLOCK2 will be a quilt block pattern that begins with the first letter of your LAST name. For example, Hughes, I might use a house, a heart, or hour glass block.  

Combine Block 1 and 2 into a crib/lap quilt that measures 36 x 48 inches. Your quilt can be any color but “must include a polka dot and a stripe fabric”. The blocks can be pieced by machine or by hand and can include applique, if desired.  

Let your “initials” inspire a unique quilt for you or someone special. This challenge will provide a fascinating story for each quilt we make.

Photo gallery coming soon!