EDUCATION COMMITTEE - In House: Organize and execute educational activities for
members by recruiting members to give classes or lectures.

EDUCATION COMMITTEE - Establish and coordinate educational opportunities for
Milltown members. This committee handles primarily speakers and guests who are not members of Milltown Quilters, thereby recruiting and contracting with professional quilt educators.

FRIENDSHIP QUILT COMMITTEE - Provide quilts to community service groups and
individuals or families in need. The Committee is responsible for coordinating the activities for making the quilts, maintaining and providing supplies to volunteers and distributing the
completed quilts to appropriate charities or to individuals/families in the community.

HOSPITALITY COMMITTEE - Provides set-up and refreshments for members and guests at regular meetings and special events as requested by the President or members of the board.

LUNCHEON COMMITTEE - Organize and decorate for two luncheons a year.

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE - Provide enrollment for members of Milltown.

NEWSLETTER COMMITTEE - Provide monthly newsletter to members highlighting current and future events, activities, and accomplishments.

QUILT SHOW COMMITTEE - Plan, prepare for and conduct semi-annual Quilt Show.

RAFFLE QUILT COMMITTEE - Design, promote and award the raffle quilt made for the biannual Milltown Quilt Show.

SPECIAL EVENTS COMMITTEE- Identify, prepare and conduct special activities for the

SUNSHINE COMMITTEE - Communicate good wishes on behalf of the members.

WEBSITE COMMITTEE – Develop and maintain the website
highlighting guild activities as well as quilting information useful to our members.

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